About dracMail


1. About
2. Requirements
3. Development tools
4. Features
5. Planned features
6. Developers

1. About

dracMail is a webmail interface built using PHP, ExtJS (JavaScript framework), MySQL and IMAP.
The original purpose for this project was to learn more about ExtJS, however it turned out to be a reliable webmail interface.

2. Requirements

The minimum browser requirements are (ExtJS):

- Internet Explorer 6+
- FireFox 1.5+ (PC, Mac)
- Safari 3+
- Opera 9+ (PC, Mac)

The project's backend API has been developed using a FreeBSD server, but it should be compatible with any system capable of running these.

3. Development tools

dracMail is entirely developed under FreeBSD, using KDE4 (sometimes GNOME) and the following tools:

Kate - for writing the code itself
gEdit - the same reason as above
Apache Subversion - for keeping track of changes

The server tools consist of PHP, Apache and qmail which are listed here.

4. Features

At the time this document is being written dracMail offers the most basic E-Mail functionality and a few extra features:

- Rich User Interface
- Built in WYSIWYG (using TinyMCE)
- HTML mail message
- IMAP Folder listing
- Folder content
- Display message
- Import existing messages
- MySQL Caching
- Message sorting
- Moving and deleting messages
- Message draft
- Attachments

5. Planned features

The major functionality change for dracMail is the Plugin API, which will allow users to create their own 'applications'
using ExtJS, PHP and MySQL. These should cover all the functionality, including the backend functionality, which is designed
based on classes, and the UI functionality which is designed based on objects.

Such 'applications' would for example be:

- Notepad - allow the users to edit text files within the UI (now in beta stage)
- Calendar - user friendly calendar application (now in beta stage)
- Password change - although part of the most basic functionality, this process is different from server to server (now in beta stage)
- XML News feeds - allow for XML news feeds from different websites (now in beta stage)
- Theme changer - allow for pretty colors and such (work in progress)
- Email encryption - allow the users to send and receive S/MIME encrypted messages
- Twitter and Facebook integration - integrate the API for both of them
- Antivirus integration - the webmail should allow for antivirus integration
- Multi-language support - allow the user to choose different languages

6. Developers

dracMail Webmail is developed and maintaned by Grosan Flaviu Gheorghe ( fgheorghe [..at..] grosan.co.uk ).
FreeBSD Port maintainer (mail/dracmail): Marián Jamrich.